How to speak like a craigavon gentleman

How to speak like a craigavon gentleman Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party — Andrews J. Member of Parliament for Mid Down —

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He did not disappoint them:. Search Search.

How to speak like a craigavon gentleman Unionist Party.

Search Website Search Website. Close Menu. In your presence I cheerfully accept it, grave as it is, and I now enter into a compact with you, and every one of you, and with the help of God you and I ed together—I giving you the best I can, and you giving me all your strength behind me—we will yet defeat the most nefarious conspiracy that has ever been hatched against a free people.

The moment he began to speak at Craigavon the immense multitude who had come to welcome him felt instinctively the grip of his power.

Very well. This was what the eager listeners at Craigavon hoped in hushed expectancy to hear from their new leader.

Eventually she changed places with one of How to speak like a craigavon gentleman other males.

He laid special emphasis on the point, never forgotten, that the danger in which they stood was due to the hoodwinking of the British constituencies by Mr. Asquith's Ministry. We ask for no special rights, but we claim the same rights from the same Government as every other part of the United Kingdom.

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That involves something more than that we do not accept Home Rule. He went on to expose the hollowness of the allegation, then current in Liberal circles, that Ulster's repugnance to Home Rule was less uncompromising than it formerly had been.

It shows me that you realise the gravity of the situation that is before us, and it shows me that you are here to express your determination to see this fight out to a finish.

How to speak like a craigavon gentleman Griffith-Boscawen.

In lucidity of statement he excelled many much greater orators, and was surpassed by none; and these qualities, added to his unmistakable sincerity and candour, made him one of the most persuasive of speakers on the platform, as he was also, of course, in the Law Courts.

C raigavon Crown Court heard Brendan McMullan described as an obnoxious, entitled drunk and that one of his victims was sleeping at the time he assaulted her.

It was all no doubt a mere restatement—though an admirably lucid and forcible restatement—of doctrine with which his hearers had long been familiar.

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We must be prepared—and time is precious in these things—the morning Home Rule passes, ourselves to become responsible for the government of the Protestant Province of Ulster.

We ask for nothing more; we will take nothing less. On the contrary, he believed that "there never was a moment at which men were more resolved than at he present, with all the force and strength that God has given them, to maintain the British connection and their rights as citizens of the United Kingdom.

He showed how Ireland had been "advancing in prosperity in an unparalleled measure," for which he could quote the authority of Mr.

Redmond himself, although the Nationalist leader had omitted to notice that this advance had taken place under the legislative Union, and, as Carson contended, in consequence of it.

We must be prepared, in the event of a Home Rule Bill passing, with such measures as will carry on for ourselves the government of those districts of which we have control.

Lord Erne struck it when he quoted words which were to become very familiar in Ulster—the letter from Gustavus Hamilton, Governor of Enniskillen into "divers of the nobility and gentry in How to speak like a craigavon gentleman north-east part of Ulster," in which he declared: "We stand upon our guard, and do resolve by the blessing of God to meet our danger rather than to await it.

They are prepared to destroy their own Constitution, so that they may pass Home Rule, and they are prepared to destroy the very elements of constitutional government by withdrawing the question from the electorate, who on two occasions refused to be a party to it. Victim A, said the lawyer, remained in the kitchen for about another hour before going into the living room with the intention of sleeping on the sofa.

We ask for no privileges, but we are determined that no one shall have privileges over us.

We ask your leave at the meeting of the Ulster Unionist Council, to be held on Monday, there to discuss the matter, and to set to work, to take care that at no time and at no intervening interval shall we lack a Government in Ulster, which shall be a Government either by the Imperial Parliament, or by ourselves.

Asquith, the Prime Minister, says that we are not to be allowed to put our case before the British electorate.

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The contrast to all the scene—the cheering, the enthusiasm, the marching, the singing, the waving of handkerchiefs and flags—was deeply impressive, when, after a hushed pause of some length, he called attention without preface to the realities of the situation in a few simple sentences of slow and almost solemn utterance:.

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It is our inalienable right as citizens of the British Empire, and Heaven help the men who try to take it from us. He seldom made use of metaphor or imagery, or elaborate periods, or variety of gesture.

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But I know full well that this Resolution has a still wider meaning. His language was extremely simple and straightforward; but his mobile expression—so variable that his enemies saw in it a suggestion of Mephistopheles, and his friends a resemblance to Dante— his measured diction, and his skilful use of a deep-toned voice, gave a remarkable impressiveness to all he said—even, indeed, to utterances which, if spoken by another, would sometimes have sounded commonplace or obvious.

Admission to the lecture is free and no booking How to speak like a craigavon gentleman required.

And, more than all else, his meaning was never in doubt. Menu Sections.

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He ridiculed the "paper safeguards" which Liberal Ministers tried to persuade them would amply protect Ulster Protestants under a Dublin Parliament, giving a vivid picture of the plight they would be in under a Nationalist administration, which, he declared, meant "a tyranny to which we never can and never will submit"; and then, in a pregnant passage, he summarised the Ulster case:.

The great question still awaited an answer—how was effect to be given to this resolve, now that there was no longer hope of salvation through the sympathy and support of public opinion in Great Britain?

Arthur How to speak like a craigavon gentleman.

Sir Edward Carson's public speaking has always been entirely free from rhetorical artifice. June 13, We use cookies on your computer or mobile device to make this website better. By that determination he drives you in the ultimate result to rely upon your own strength, and we must follow all that out to its logical conclusion.

Sarcasm he could use with effect, and a telling point was often made by an epigrammatic phrase which delighted his hearers.

Asquith, the Prime Minister, says that we are not to be allowed to put our How to speak like a craigavon gentleman before the British electorate.

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Drowning Prevention Week starts this Saturday! Carson's speech at Craigavon crystallised them into practical politics.