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Craigslist russian river east los angeles in. We called their bogus phone listed on their web site during business hours and it left us on hold for 2 hours, with a computerized voice telling you to please hang on the line. And there's certainly a lot to view on board the Aurora.

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So now we confirmed they are at least lying about the address.

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Passion project. Transaction with bank wiring instructions on fake escrow web site shows lies and errors that can be proven in seconds by doing Google searches.

The ship remained at Alameda for several years until it was bought by a businessman and moved to the California Delta. The vessel was thought to be on the verge of being scrapped when Willson saw it advertised on Craiglist in Historic vessel. Almost every white collar working person I know is on LinkedIn.

Thankfully, Willson was able to secure a lease in the California river city of Rio Vista and arranged for the ship to be towed there.

Almost all the blog commenting sites list BlogSpot or elsewhere are strict Craigslist russian river east los angeles negative or unnecessary remarks and will block your comment.

It looks so convincing and gives you such a warm and fuzzy feeling that there is this high powered management team running a legitimate operation. When they receive your funds wired into their bankthey are instructed to Western Union the cash to Russia or Europe.

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But we know that this domain name was just registered on May 4, May the fourth be with you!

But as soon as soon as you call their bluff and vet out their address with a Google search, their story falls apart further.

Soon, word of mouth led to rapid Craigslist russian river east los angeles.

There is just one problem. Look at the screen shot below of their transaction and this is where many of these scammers drop the ball in their zeal to try to set up smoke and mirrors to lead you off the trail.

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Yes unemployed people looking for a job can be that gullible. You will never talk to a human being there, because there is no one, and there is no company and there is no corporate office, and the chat feature on their web site is never active.

Now their whole house of cards is starting to come down. Whois lookup shows VentureAutoConment. David Weir.

These people are so easily fooled they don't realize they Craigslist russian river east los angeles being used as patsies in an international money laundering scheme.

And certainly anyone in upper management is on LinkedIn with their profile. When we checked at press time, VentureAutoConment. It is a fake and even their story of how they got started is stolen and copied from other web sites. But don't be fooled, it cost almost nothing to set this all up and put a voic box that leaves you on hold permanently.

I confirmed with the building landlord and management company that there was no business there by this name, and no company at all in the building with this type of business.

Their chat function is never working either. They usually use the address of pizza parlors, flower shops, churches, courthouses and other random businesses.

But there is nothing at all.

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They think if they list the address of an office building they will fool you. Healdsburg's year old Madrona inn has never been more exquisite.

Almost all the blog commenting sites list BlogSpot or elsewhere are strict against negative or unnecessary remarks and will block Craigslist russian river east los angeles comment.

But a simple Google search of each of these manager names listed there returns nothing with these names with any photos that look like them. While he's loath to discuss the amount he paid, he says he was able to "work out a really good deal with the owner of the vessel.

Are you kidding me? After carefully considering the enormity of what it would mean to own a mini cruise ship, Willson put together a restoration plan and decided to take the plunge. Willson has been working on the ship, which is moored at a marina in Little Potato Slough, California, with the help of volunteers.

Green had thought up the name Zimride after he visited Zimbabwe, where he witnessed the efficient private shuttle services handling mass transit needs of people there. We have seen his before where bank s used in Miami are often a redirect or bouncethat automatically bounces any money it receives to a Cayman Islands bankoutside the authority of the FBI or Secret Service, and these banks do not cooperate with U.

Many other times in the past we have uncovered that the owner of the bank receiving the funds is some idiot who answered an ad on Career Builder, or on Indeed or Zip Recruiter to be an " manager".

She Craigslist russian river east los angeles she had complained many times.

As he began digging further into the history of the ship, Willson says he learned that, not only had it been the inspiration for popular TV series "The Love Boat," it was also the filming location for the Spectre criminal organization headquarters in the James Bond movie "From Russia with Love.

It's almost the same as redoing 15 houses all by yourself. No tweets, no Facebook s, just nothing.

What an impressive About Us with all these fancy photos of their directors and officers. You can see the quality is there, but it's so neglected, you almost feel bad for it.

Instead, catch the reader's Craigslist russian river east los angeles admin's attention with your comments.

Otherwise how would they get mail? The scammers went to great lengths to try to create the impression of a large used vehicle conment company with a toll free. He and Logan Green both independently developed an idea for a car-sharing company, and then discovered each other through a mutual friend on Facebook.

After doing some digging into the background of the ship, he discovered that it was constructed by the Blohm and Voss shipyard inand had been the first ificant passenger liner built by Germany after World War II. The more he learned about the ship, which was originally named Wappen von Hamburg, the more convinced he became that this was a project he was willing to take on.

Search engines ban websites Craigslist russian river east los angeles encourage or indulge in posting unrelated and malicious content.

Need a Ride to L. Now There's an Alternative to Craigslist. First of all, they are trying to make you think they are a business based in CA, so let's be stupid here and list a bank in Miami to wire the money to.

So they wasted their time creating this smoke and mirrors to trick you, but you are too smart to fall for this crime. Let me tell you how the real white collar corporate world works.

The vessel served as a cruise ship for around two decades, he says, and went through several different owners, as well as names, before being moored in Vancouver. We also found several lesser known review and untrusted web sites where fake positive reviews were left for this Venture Auto Conment site, all of them phony 5-star reviews.

In this case, it is a trail to nowhere; their cloak is starting to unravel. The first step was getting rid of all of the trash on board -- Willson says there were hundreds of bags worth of household type garbage along with old mattresses and blankets -- and setting about finding volunteers to help.

If this was a legit company, and it is not, at least a few of these alleged managers and CEOs would have LinkedIn or other social media s listing their job function at this company.

Look closely at the wiring instructions Craigslist russian river east los angeles.

Most Popular. Not so with this fraud. With a real business at least the phone or chat window would connect you to a person eventually.

That's when the restoration process began. See how everything you do leaves a trail?

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And not one of these dozen people appears on LinkedIn? After spending a few months traveling for around three hours from his home in Santa Cruz to work on the ship, Willson decided to move on board with his partner Jin Li so that he could fully focus on the project, as well as keep it secure.

When it all hits the fan they are the folks who get in trouble. Scammers do this all the time. Like I said, they can always try to lie and trick you, but we can see through their lies.

They and other customers posted hundreds of Craigslist russian river east los angeles chronicling the water conditions.

Screen shot of their showing address of building whose management has no idea who they are, and no suite is mentioned. We called their bogus phone listed on their web site during business hours and it left us on hold for 2 hours, with a computerized voice telling you to please hang on the line.

If you do get so far as to start a transaction with these clowns, they will send you to their transaction which has bank wiring instructions for you to send your funds to purchase the used vehicle and start the escrow, which if you have been paying attention up to now, you should already know there is no real escrow.

See the whois lookup of this fake web site below:.

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We searched their names on LinkedIn and found nothing. The screen shot above clearly proves that this is not an established major brand like they lied to you with their fake copyright statement.

After a few false starts and more ownership and name changes, it was towed to Alameda, California in Plans were put in place to turn it into a luxury yacht, but they ultimately fell through.

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You would be surprised how many consumers have their brains on autopilot.

Indeed, much like ZaarlyUberGetaround, Airbnb and other new marketplaces built on social identity and reputation ranking, Zimride looks to be one more way Millennials, in particular, can get to know each other better while building a new economy based more on sharing resources and services rather than on the old model of individual ownership.

But once he'd ed on the dotted line, he had to figure out where he was going to put it. Related Articles. These people are so easily fooled they don't realize they are being used as patsies in an international money laundering scheme.

What idiot would fall for this scam after encountering this huge misstep on the scammers' part?