Russian pirate hunting blacktown

Russian pirate hunting blacktown This would seem to suggest that they were South of the stairs but then presumably used the stairs to leave the beach — which would have brought them closer to him again. Episode 1 The loupe, for example, could easyliy have been one for searching organ needle breakage.

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So perhaps it would be interesting to look at T. Fitzmaurice and Ettie Lilian Powers a little, see where they lead.

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Johan: as a rule of thumb, you should be able to solve a simple monoalphabetic substitution cipher with roughly 30 letters, or even with less if the text or context happens to offer you some help.

Pete: I indeed saw the comment over at your site. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but the calf muscles related to organ playing is not a theory worth pursuing. Just another thought. Just so you know. Barrow RaidersCumbria rugby league team. Hidden meanings in front of your face -so-per-say.

Elliott obliged and commenced work on the 10th of January assisted by Const Sutherland, who observed the body had three small scars inside the left wrist, one inside the left elbow and a scar or boil mark on the upper left forearm.

Another message in plain advises not to believe anything that might be found under the letter Q. Bumpkin: that depends on who you ask, and who you believe. News Local News. Has anyone tried reversing the entire code and filling in the letters as a simple cipher.

Look at the Harlem Shake when translated it means Down with the Terrorist. He wrote her in his copy of the Rubaiyat which she gave him, like she gave a copy to Alf, with whom she could have supposedly had some sort of romantic relationship i read somewhere that he made romantic gestures but she rebuffed them because she was married?

If no, why not. Nick, we have more than a little evidence of Prosper wanting a rifle — he placed an ad for one during the inquest. He could have packed any mish mash of clothes to avoid it looking suspicious when going through customs.

It seems that this family had been in The BH area forever bred like newts to boot and its more than as likely not that another 17 year old with a less socially reliable background might be our man.

Without the original and knowing whatparagraph, etc. I can explain almost every object in his suitcase, the loupe, the wax string, etcetera, etcetera. As I believed he was a musician I went looking for a link between this calve muscle and an instrument.

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A homemaker, she enjoyed flower gardening and cooking. Have recently been trying to follow up on something I had ly dismissed and wondered what other peoples thoughts were.

However, this was presumably also the same H. Reynolds who transferred a hotel licence for Phoenix Hotel Co not long before 27th Aprilso we can almost certainly rule him out ….

Large clunky shoes make this difficult, and risk you hitting two keys when you play with the toe. During this period there were many visitors to the mortuary, all claiming to know the man whose face and profile had been published by the local press.

Please advise if any other info has surfaced. Perhaps he was going to see their supposed son? I believe a simple and logical reason might be that these items could well have been factory seconds that had their manufacturers tags removed prior to sending off to people like the Red Cross, naafi, asco or other service related charities, hospitals and the like for distribution men returning from POW internment or the like.

At all. Clever, clever, clever as teen writing code for a three year old. Once again I was not allowed to view hospital records, but would be interested to know if this was true.

Nick — in the interests of sharing all the bounty: a lady over my way has a gentleman named Keane, ProsperT and a noted Communist functionary all in the one place and at the same time in South Australia.

Her husband, Samuel K. Brown, died Nov. Surviving are: a daughter, Mrs. Samuel K. Regarding the Organ or more specifically about dismissing the idea because some little old lady plays the OrganI have two thoughts… — some organists may practice or even play regularly on a harmonium or similar where you pedal the air yourself — and those pedals need more strength than the pedalboard on an organ you constantly twist your foot pivoting at the angle — I could believe that developing your calf ….

The code could be something only known by and relevant to Summerton Man and Jestyn, hence why it was written next to her. Could it reversed enciphered Malay? Central Queensland Capras. We know that two middle-aged male bodies occupied shelves in the same refrigeration unit at the Adelaide mortuary from the 15th of December to the 23rd of February, both had been poisoned, both had similar autopsy incisions.

Lots of possibilities here. Here is my work on this cipher, looking at it from right to left. She was a citizens band enthusiast, using the radio handle "Sexy Sal. Kloss, whom she married June 18,passed away Aug. Surviving are: two daughters, Evelyn A.

Martin, Pulaski; and Mollie D. Kloss, at home; five sisters, Phyllis Sexton, St. Cloud, Fla. John Essie Lehotay, Masury; Mrs. Walter Ruth Laird Sr.

Besides her husband, she was preceded in death by her parents; an infant granddaughter; an infant great-granddaughter; and two brothers, Jessie and William Guthrie. Ted Slye officiating. However there are some peripheral aspects that I should comment on that are related and I think might create some discussion.

We know exactly who Tibor Kaldor was, and he was someone else. His financial circumstances are unknown. The investigation did not result in charges being laid for recordings allegedly made at Heddon Greta, but the suspect was caught at Blacktown Drive-in.

Nobody can solve this case without 1. There is such thing as an organ needle ….

I mentioned the story before back in where I wrote :. Craven Park. He told the police the clothes were inside the suitcase when dumped at Somerton Beach, so, if only the clothes were found-where did the suitcase end up?

She died at p. I took each line and reversed each one in English. Did anyone ever give any thoughts to the Bickford family a very secretive lot you never met and of course owners of the big pad overlooking S.

Quite a few were born in the early 20th century, some even in the old house and one may have had the yen to see the old place one more time. United States national teamJacksonville Axemen. Just a thought. Clive: sure, we have a little evidence of Prosper driving to Broken Hill, and a little evidence of Prosper trying to buy a rifle.

Russian pirate hunting blacktown by Tea Cup

A mismatch of font in the book would rule out the note coming from that book. Genealogists would fall over themselves looking for lost relations that fit the SM profile. Is there any strong relation between the tamam shud note in the mans pocket and the book?

Hal: 1 where did your information come from? Unless, of course, it had been arranged ly. Stadium Municipal d'Albi.

Russian pirate hunting blacktown Sqd.

Recreation Ground. Clive chanced upon a newspaper article that changed everything … But everything remains the same here.

Stade d'Albert Domec. For a start, Tibor Kaldor was buried on 23 Februaryand Lawson started on the plaster cast on June 2nd so Lawson can only ever have had one of the bodies to work with, and so we can eliminate all they-got-the-wrong-ears scenarios straight away.

Robert D. Calling hours: 11 a. Johan: people most notable of whom is Gerry Feltus have been searching for a matching copy of the Rubaiyat for decades without any luck.

Halifax R. Denmark national team. But an Australian Institute of Criminology report said the Russian, Italian and Japanese mafia and Asian tri were linked to movie piracy.

Russian pirate hunting blacktown who puts the flowers there?

I was thinking about the abnormal splenic enlargement, did a google search and one cause stuck out to me…. The garbage letters are used as distraction. If yes, why. I found that an organ player would often have strongly developed calve muscles due to their playing.

If you were stealing a motorcycle, a joyride? He said the barman had told him that a gang of thieves intended to steal the car and had already obtained a set of duplicate keys for it.

Sections My Region New. Home. He was a spy, he travelled a lot, hence the different origins of the clothing and such. People have been using combinations of letters for years, or spelling things out backwards in another language to confuse people.

Rich or poor, some people are maintenance-minded. Was there a branch in the US at the time?

Please contact me asap by : Shirleyshowdown at gmail dot com. And my 80 year old Nana still plays the organ. Papua New Guinea. I have not been able to get permission to view hospital records, but am curious if he spent more time at Parkside.

As I am located in Belgium I could use some help locating all organs … Jestyn being a nurse perhaps hospital organs also? Laurie Elliott, a skilled embalmer, returned to Adelaide from England in early January and was invited by the police to visit the morgue where he was asked if he could embalm one of the two male bodies stored in the refrigeration unit.

What about horse Russian pirate hunting blacktown

By the way did you notice that both ciphertext and passphrase were taken from the note? Am I right? On the organist, however, THAT i am sur eabout.

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If I were to choose whatever passphrase I like of course I could produce anything but to get a somewhat meaningful answer by just using data from the note seems coincidental.

Salford City Stadium. Nick, Ok, I agree, Prosper may have dealt with rifle sales on one or two occasions and Broken Hill did have its rifle clubs. And who puts the flowers there?

At the time it was also noticed that the Somerton man shoes were very neat, which is a trait typical for organists as well. The Badboy Rockstar Terror Attack at 30, Feet The Good Wife Murder A Deer Death The Long Island Lolita Another Terror Plot The Inmate Murderer Death on the High Seas A Murder in Italy Anchorwoman Murder Murder by Tea Cup Mass Murder in the Ukraine A Deer Murder The Starlet Murder A Death in Staten Island The War Criminal The Death Doctor The Stripper Who Became a Murderer Asia's Underworld Casino Close Encounters of the Third Kind One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Poltergeist Apocalypse Now A Nightmare on Elm Street Night of the Living Dead The Fugitive The Godfather Friday the 13th Saw Scream The Conjuring Goodfellas Jaws Stephen Port William Howell James Fairweather Mark Martin Shawn Grate Donna Perry The Eleven: Russian Roulette The Eleven: Motel Murder The Eleven: Killer on the Loose The Eleven: Final Toll Miami Swat Super Sweep Drug Blitz Barricade Suicide by Cop The Rookie Get Rich Killer Mysteries Intern Gone Missing Deaths in the Family A Killer Cop The Casanova Killer A homemaker, Mrs.

Kloss belonged to the Salvation Army Corps in Sharon. During the war a lot of churches were occupied by the german, who kept the organist for entertainment reasons and after they were always in strange positions as they were often seen as collaborating.

GalaxyFanFan: the Tamam Shud wriggles out of all such explanatory devices with practised ease. Friends may also e-mail condolences to McGonigleFuneralHome infonline. Metronome maybe? Service: Funeral and committal service at 11 a.

No DNA samples have been taken yet. The champion organ player in my high school advanced music class was a 50kg girl with stick legs.

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Maybe he is known maybe the people of his comunity dont care about him didnt want to speak up maybe some were scared to speak up maybe some thought who cares about him. This would explain why his luggage was so mish mashed. I wonder if anyone has looked at the s as Longitude or Latitude. If it was, the shoes might not have been made-to-order or bespoke and the maker imitated the location of the name from more expensive shoes instead of stamping it.

There are only few cases of missing organists and I invite you to all look into it. That is a mystery on its own: perhaps one will turn up in the future, who knows? Indications are that SM had another container apart from the suitcase and he surely had a wallet.

Pushing down on a light weight wooden pedal is less strenuous than walking…or even standing. So, yes, I am hopeful that SM will be identified within the next five years. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp.

Of course, it could be a prominent European organist displaced by the war…but we digress.

To be honest, enlarged calf muscles like SM had, as well as the issues he had with his toes, can realistically point to ballet…. First of all — as many — I believed the Somerset man to be involved with music of some kind.

Also nobody thinks the writting is a language but has anyone tried to translate it.

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Read our Privacy Policy. Thursday in the citadel, with Capt. The loupe, for example, could easyliy have been one for searching organ needle breakage.

The razor strap, was not a razor strap, in fact but an organ bellow. Ukraine national team. Nick: Did you ever consider that the old bugger H.

Reynolds may well have died in 48 and yet arose again, he being prop. Does not make an iota of sense in my mind. I was disappointed to find that.

A fifth offender, from Florida, Russian pirate hunting blacktown be sentenced next week.

So it makes sense she might have given Somerton Man one too if they were seeing eachother. But as Rachel is an adoptee and not legally a Thomson she is not really going to get anywhere!

Hi Nick: curious about your claim that 30 letters is a viable message length to break a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher. Cheer, Simon. So it is quite possible that the piece of paper was just a distraction. Nick: Yes, I totally see that point. I mean the zinc square, the stenciling set, the wax threat … are were commonly used for the repair of organs at the specific time.

Was the book so rare? And why dump the bike and walk down to Pt Noarlunga-was it out of fuel?

Thomson 90A Moseley Street. Johan: yes, I noticed just fine. Re; Broken Hill etc. And of course Marshall was Malaysian. Sunshine Coast Falcons. Ann L. Mellott Brown of Andrew Street in Sharon. I think all above proves that we are no longer looking for a missing person, but a missing organist.

The idea is just that most of the code is garbage, except the letters that are valid Roman Numerals. Because surnames are passed down from father to son in many cultures, and the Y chromosome is passed from father to son with a predictable rate of mutation, people with the same surname can use genealogical DNA testing to determine if they share a common ancestor within a genealogical timeframe.

I just say there is a coincidence. Sunshine Coast Stadium. Select Security Stadium. Thank you very much. Teufaiva Sport Stadium. News Home.

Catalans DragonsCatalonia national team. I believe the end is near and our Somerton man will be identified any time soon.

The reason she passed the book, is because it is the cypher. Another possibly dubious claim says that Jess Thompson worked there as a charge nurse sometime during the 60s.

Heck, the book might not even be related to the man on the beach. On Wednesday night the car, a model Chrysler Imperial sedan, BU, ,was removed from Collins place, city.

Could it not just be that he commited suicide and the stuff with the book in the third paragraph there is either mischief-making or completely coincidental? No conclusion can be had because people die with shoes in the price range mentioned that have hardly been worn and those could be donated to a second-hand store.

I went back and looked at my message that I posted on 09 DEC I believe that I have it correctly deciphered now. Rifle wantedautomatic Winchester, model 63 or similar, for cash.

Home Russian pirate hunting blacktown.

As I understand the letters are not even written in the book but indentations caused by writing on another paper laying on top of the indented.

Also organists would have pointy shoes to hit the right pedal … as I went on in my research I found more and more clues leading to the same conclusion. When I came to the suitcase contents, most of them are in a basic repair set for an organ.

Unfortunately they all seem to have gone to heaven or left town. John: thanks for dropping by! Joe: malaria is certainly a possibility and suggesting something so sensible is a very long way from trolling, thanks!

Reynolds, the proprietor, would be stolen. Burial: Hadley Cemetery. Nick: Or we have letters in different configurations. It might be several attempts at the same, maybe very short, phrase. Maybe more happened than she let on, i mean she wrote a poem in it for him? Theory: The Somerton Man and Jestyn were both spies having an affair.

But in honest I think the of letters we have in this cipher is too few to make any statistics on.

They look like the s from LOST. Some think they were talking about the first body found, in particular its ears as Lawson had yet to commence making his ear casts. I am a 32 year old Belgian woman and I believe to have discovered important breakthrough information on an Australian cold case : The Tamam Shud case aka The Somerton man.

Canada national teamToronto Wolfpack. Check out my work and give me your feedback. How well did the shoes fit? If this is the case the letters and markings might not even be written at the same time for the same purpose.

Friday in the funeral home. Reynolds story but the following is a bit of a coincidence.

I do feel that my synopsis is worthy at least of some merit and would like to see some input from others either for or agin. Nick — absolutely agree, my point was more aimed at Johan. Adam Tokowitz anyone!

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Same font matching that edition for example? The foregoing was revealed whilst analyzing the shadowed rift within the letter I forming the first letter in the word implicitly. United States. Incidentally, am I the only person who sometimes likes to do jigsaws upside down? Pink little finger.

They think the shape, size and structure of the ears Lawson attached to the bust were the result of the conversation he had with Durham, and were not those of the body he was working on. Somerton Man was an enemy spy which could explain why he wrote her in the back of the book so lightly it could only be seen under ultraviolet light; he obviously couldnt write it in his diary could he?

Or some other attempt involving said text. One body was buried on February 23rd. The flesh of the head, by all s, was in an advanced state of rot despite the embalming. Where have s 4 8 15 16 23 48 come from? They may well have records relating to the whole sad Mangnoson affair that they deem are now historically ok to release at this distance of time.

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Reynolds mentioned could well have died in the preceding licence period two years? There is no single explanation for missing tags. The trousers in the suitcase, I read, had sand in the turnups.

Not saying this is the case, but it is an option. Unless you have evidence you can point me to? The elusive Donald Sterling and his unknown history would make anyone crazy. But if you download a programme such as CryptoCrack and put character-long enciphered messages into it, you will almost always see the message or something very close to it in its list of best guesses.

The nearest was an organist in the RAAF who was thought to have been in a plane crash in They also play with 3 parts of the foot — the toe, the heel and when they have to reach extremes on the pedalboard the side of the foot.

Sucks that the code is still a mystery though. Just a thought and by the bye, check out the profile picks of actor Charles Bickford, a spitting image of S.

M on the slab. These photographs were of the body discovered on the 1st of December and were taken by Police Photographer PJ Durham on the 3rd. Interment: Brookfield Township Cemetery. South Africa. The job is such a specific one, that it narrows down the possibilities for his identity in a ificant way.

Overlaying different markings, like the line though the first MLIAOI might not be a strike through but another line related to other lines on the paper. Can I have a turn Hal? Australian security was at this time very risky as the Americans blackballed Australia from all access to secrets.

Arrangements by J. State St. Calling hours: 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. I am only sure about the organist theory, it would help us a great deal because that would narrow down the possibilities enormesly … I will ivestagate Lawrence K Whipp, who went missing american in paris after the war.

Monday, Sept. Dss: errm… more like North Melbourne, acksherly. And what about the X? Well, it fits the Glenelg phone pretty well: X That could explain why the X sits above the text, to avoid getting added to the Roman Numerals.

His luggage is that of someone visiting briefly. SirHubert: it strongly depends on the nature of the underlying message, so there is no fixed figure.

The ripped out portion does not match the note directly. Yet, few noticed or looked at that.

In Adelaide Railway Station? Brown was born Dec. Mellott and Emma Knipple Mellott. I have not found any note relating to a checkup of this which is a little strange to me.

The last entry I could find was 27 April — a report that he had been found after escaping the hospital. I remain convinced that this was a failed attempt to decipher a message hence the tragic circumstances of the incident.

It was done to hurt her and send a message. As there is no way at this point of knowing the context of these letters I think any assumption about them is limiting the understanding of them. Whitehaven R. It could be a custom character to indicate the time ature.

We care about the protection of your data. One man had left only his name in a hotel register, the other body had no identification when found.