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Peddlers post gawler online You mean I woke up to a cup of unnatural coffee this morning? They truly eat their own. She is still clouding it in woo terms though with words like "surrendering to the universe". Olathe, KS. But now I embrace everything that might help.

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Jess Ainscough and her like are sadly caught up in a tragedy of errors about which, the public knows little.

The importance of a histological diagnosis when diagnosing and treating advanced cancer. People are encouraged to continue the therapy for approximately two years at home.

FAQ - Pianist Corner. So very sad. So you were high when you were installing electronics?

I must say that discussing the topic with you guys is like shooting dead fish in a barrel. Famous patient recovery may not have been from metastatic disease.

Lancelot Gobbo: Thank you for sharing your story with us.

I'm also a Peddlers post gawler online student.

And I wouldn't suggest the way to fix the problem is just to fix the doctors via some sort of sensitivity training, though some effort at something like that might be in order.

My ANC was only yesterday, so I'm just waiting for the next febrile neutropenia to come along and spoil Christmas. The Meadows. A lot better. Most of them are though. Are you insured in case a family member decides your advice was harmful?

At least she tried to find the best option for her cancer Gerson and other excellent remedies for cancer have solid backing, but sadly they do not line the pockets of big pharma and its supporters, so they are deemed quackery by the ignorant. Share Post on Reddit. Piano Forum.

Print Thread. Well, they paid me well for my work. On a Blog post written 19 March ,Jess Ainscough writes: "For every doctor who told me that my case was terminal, I would latch on to a real-life case who had defied such a diagnosis in their own life.

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My heart goes out to this poor woman. Cure Cancer Now Boy, all those "altie" treatments that Sandi mentions don't seem to have helped Jesse, have they?

As a director of an Australia Cancer Charity I field a lot of inquiries from desperate cancer patients.

They don't necessarily have time or interest or background in these things, and may consider with some justification they just wouldn't 'get it' if they ventured into that terrain.

I'm at the stage of having completed four of six chemo cycles for CLL. It's a bit rough, especially when the counts are low and you get an infection that you can't fight off.

Peddlers post gawler online it does.

Rich Galassini Yikes! If so, how was it diagnosed and staged? To add to list of errors, when it was discovered there had been no biopsy of Ian Gawler's secondary cancer; some clinicians began to look differently at his diagnosis.

If all this is so wrong how can he still be practicing? Or until a proper test is done in Israel or Spain. Adult Beginners Forum. For all the survivors I know, I have lost both parents and several good friends to cancer. Those companies have found themselves devoid of any aptitude I may have supplied them with as well over that.

And after 30 most people are "old". If just for the sake of argument we assumed that idea had merit, what would it take to put something like that into practice?

Patients are human beings, not machines, and in human terms there is no excuse whatsoever for treating a patient facing the horros of chemo with anything less than extraordinary sympathy.

Anyone track that? It's 'human nature' for folks to blame people rather than things, so I'd guess major systemic factors are a work in the patient dissatisfactions, but they don't really see or understand these things, and focus their pique on the MDs. Anecdotal, of course, but I have noted the incidence of these complaints steadily increasing over the 43 years of my adult life; and based on the changes I've observed and felt in the delivery of medical care in the longer period of my memory, I can understand why.

It was my anchor to a future the doctors had pretty much ruled me out of having. Our Most Popular Forums. How about creating a new professional category of Physicians Assistant that would combine some of the basic diagnostic training of a traditional PA with some of the counseling skills of an MSW?

A Patient Interaction Assiatant?

Lancelot Gobbo: Thank you for sharing your story Peddlers post gawler online us.

As a PIAs time ought to be less expensive than an MDs, especially a specialist, the PIA would have the skill and could be given the time to deal with the human side of the equation, letting the doctor concentrate on what the doctor does best.

Mr Woo, of course, insists it was chemo that killed her. The video is about 16 minutes. Near the middle of the video Donald Tashkin gives his findings on cannabis smoking and lung cancer. It may have something to do with brain plasticity.

Anyone know? It is my estimation at this point that the endocannabinoid system responds better to a combination of up regulators and down regulators together than to either alone.

Wouldn't he have been sued out of practice? This may be causing cancer deaths per year in Australia alone. I'm sending best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy holiday season. Race Tracks.

Vince Peddlers post gawler online Nat'l Sales Mgr.

Not so much FTFY as something of a residual memo issue. I refer to my corrections letter that was published in a MJA Medical Journal of Australia in response to an incorrectly reported medical history in a MJA titled: "Thirty-year follow-up at pneumonectomy of a year-old survivor of disseminated osteosarcoma by George A Jelinek and Ruth H Gawler.

Kills brain cells too. Grace has often been a very lone voice trying to alert the cancer public to the true Ian Gawler healing story. Based on my lived experiences, if a wave of a magic wand could erase for earth AND memory all the quack scammers and pseudo-science mythologies, we'd still have a serious problem with the house, with all the things wrapped up in the dissatisfaction to put it criminally mildly directed at "arrogant doctors.

Apparently Gerson's definition of cured was "lived long enough for the cheque to clear. Mr Woo had a friend who did treatment with an herbalist for cancer therapy for about six months while being followed by an oncologist.

FAQ - Piano Forum. He believes the therapy was working, and says the oncologist "freaked out" and insisted she start chemo. Spain has 3 decades of worthwhile research. Physicians and scientists may not be equipped to figure out how to clean and reorganize the house.

The Gerson Clinic is running on borrowed time. Drinking poison hardly seems like a good idea. Especially given that studies are available. This commentary also at the link was interesting link below :. Mechoulam discusses at the end of the video at the link how his work was supported by NIH for 40 years.

Lancelot Gobbo: Peddlers post gawler online you for sharing your story with us.

I'm guessing a major campaign with plenty of foundation funding and tons of active grass roots support in the medical and medical science communities.

But as they say, 'If you don't know, you better ask somebody who does. Bet Harness Racing. Orac has blogged about this. Given your opinion. Other people made comments that were critical of those two others without the personal insult trope being used. It is poison. Many will invariably lecture me about their latest discoveries as though they are gospel.

Hardly sporting. It is almost certain that he had tuberculosis that mimicked secondary bone cancer. Exceptions include Holocaust denial; merely being off-topic for a couple of posts won't get you blocked.

We look forward to that data. Piano Teachers Forum. But of course that is not proof. When it comes to medical treatment, I prefer scientifically plausible modalities that have been researched and demonstrated safe and more effective than doing nothing.

Pianist Corner - Non Classical. That adds up to a lot of money, not counting the cost of dying unnecessarily if effective mainstream therapies exist for a given situationsince Gerson treatments are pure quackery.

Show Likes. You treat your dog better than a lot of patients get treated in hospitals.

You think porn is harmless fun, while you fap to women Peddlers post gawler online raped on film?

As a cancer surgeon and professor of medical humanities I can attest to the tragic consequences of patients with breast cancer refusing modern humane treatment in place of barbaric alternatives.

How are those institutions doin'? Pianist Corner. Because it does.

Anecdotal reports of cannabis-based treatments inhibiting cancer in humans have become increasingly common in recent years, but virtually no human data exists in the clinical literature substantiating this phenomenon aside from a pair of published case reports.

I know that the chemo can't cure it either, but I'll get back to work as a GP for a few years, and five to ten years from now I'll find out if I was right to be an atheist. OK, here's just one idea. In other words these pied pipers are urging people to leap off the AltMed cliffs without a parachute, having survived their leap with one.

When it comes to Cancer America's Medicine has failed miserably. They promise if you do their treatment correctly you get better, period. Of course, some of this positive feeling might be analogous to what Americans say about Congress negative in general, but like their own representatives and thus not fully revelatory.

It doesn't assert that all doctors are arrogant, or even that all patients of those doctors are dissatisfied, only that the percentages in each case are high enough that they are a ificant causal factor in thousands of preventable cancer deaths from quackery yearly in Oz.

I'd guess that Pip is not asserting "arrogant doctors" as the cause of dissatisfaction directly so much as reporting that patients attribute their dissatisfaction to "arrogant doctors".

Orange is the New Pink. I thought, If Ian can do it, so can I. This is where I learnt how to meditate, all about the power of our emotions, and all of the mental tools I would need to carry me through the journey I had ahead of me.

Whilst surveying woo, I've heard this many times, courtesy of Null and others: there are different ways of blaming Peddlers post gawler online on how much the failing person was valued by the woo-meister: e.

Orac did not respond to my s on the subject and I thought he might have something to say if I commented.

If he didn't answer your on the subject, that probably means he's busy, not interested, or thinks he has already address the subject adequately. It sounds like this woman still has a good chance of long term survival, and, believe me, I'd have my left arm cut off in an instant if it could offer me that.

How is arrogance being defined in this context? A nice general introduction to cannabinoids and cancer including laymen, doctors, and researchers. Their interactions with clinic staff were described as very positive contrary to the physician meanie memeso there must be quite a bit of attention paid to psychological aspects of cancer care.

This is a very common tu quoque argument from the woo crowd. But let's go back to the source of Jess' inspiration and beliefs to understand how she was influenced down this path in the first place.

Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum. These people have influenced millions of cancer patients to delay or abandon conventional cancer medicines. We won't get proof until the Government reschedules. I wonder what the measure is of people who've already done that now.

Have a Happy New Year. No way diet and vitamins please, get that enema hose away from me! Unfortunately, Jess is just one of many cancer Google-based entrepreneurs who know little about the true nature of cancer. Nobody has addressed your off-topic assertions because they are exactly that. American's have been duped by DuPont and Rockefeller.

I am sorry to hear that her plan did not work. I personally spend an average of over an hour a day on quality improvement measures. Do you earn money doing this? BUT, it's far better than what will happen if I don't do this.

Did fusion test reactor de not pan out as a profession? Composer's Lounge. But it's a far cry from the stereotyping we see from quackery supporters and enablers. Never mind if one is 'high' at work or not, It has always been political and, of course, a stamping out by the 'competition' whatever entities thay may be.

I don't think it should be hard at all to imagine such an advocate saying, 'I'm all for whack-a-quack, but why the fuck don't you folks clean up your own house first?

Obviously that point went over your high head. And avoid alcohol. No percentages, no possible A cancer expert will suggest treatment protocols and give you percentages from clinical trials.

Cancer survivors who claim to have been cured by natural means need to stand up to scrutiny and examination. Not all the presenters are identified. The issues raised in my published corrections letter have never been addressed.

And had they been concerned they would have lost half their engineering dept.

Note the link to something called "Portlanderstam University", which brings new meaning to the term "liberal arts education". The two countries I'm aware of where human trials can proceed.

The cancer leaves behind a rotting stinking ulcer and a swollen arm as the involved lymph nodes block the drainage from the lymphatics. Axe is on a mission to transform the health of millions all across America. Rational people deal in facts, and will honestly share percentages because cancer is complex enough that we haven't found a one size fits all cure.

I'd also guess these patients are over-attributing the roots of their dissatisfaction to the doctors.

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If you're predisposed to magical solutions, have a disorder that defies good medical control or isn't recognized by EBM for instance, "Morgellons disease"have limited access to quality care etc. For example - the internet is abuzz with one of the latest crazes - the ingestion of essential or aromatherapy oils.

SO: Step outside the habits-of-mind framed by work in medical practice and the sciences, and look at the attack-on-quack from the POV of a patient advocate who knows enough about science that quackery or spiritual healing of physiological disease are simple off the table a Pip, perhaps.

But I certainly didn't find the statement confusing. As an uneducated minion, I don't know if that is the crux of the problem.

But the herbalists have a name for it. Amongst those who submit to being required to piss in cups, these are the finest in the league It is another form of inducing homogeneous idiocracy akin to one's first and seemingly predominant qualification being "can you at least hit the cup"??

I would like to concentrate on putting the quacks out of business while at the same time improving my craft and how good care is delivered.

Bet Harness Racing online from the top Harness race tracks. Some even yearn for it. No doubt you can provide links to the research showing that cannabis oil mixed with flaxseed oil has a better cancer cure rate than conventional treatment.

I call them barbaric as it allowed me to follow the natural history of untreated disease.

Who's the real Quack?

Fun Peddlers post gawler online

Elyn Jacobs - did you only use alternative treatment for your own cancer? This involves ongoing expense including regular telephone consultations with a private physician, juicing equipment, large quantities of organic vegetables and the cost of supplements.

Themed Recital Sub-Forum. There is clinical evidence that THC and CBD in conjunction with chemo or radiation is more effective than any one of them alone. Members Recordings - Pianist Corner.

Dorothy, anyone who deliberately misinterpreted Woo Fighter's comment, and found offense in Woo Fighter's comment to use that faux offense to subject us to a filthy off-topic rant, needs professional help. Handicapping Tools. For instance, a recent Consumer Reports survey of over 49, patients found about three-quarters were "highly" satisfied with their primary care doctors.

They have considerable trouble changing their world view. Share your experience all you want and people will always find a way to tell you that you didn't search hard enough, or long enough, or spend enough money I blogged on this subject this morning and discussed it on my radio show.

Anyone who prescribes a treatment that has no scientific basis for working.

I've never understood it myself. Next Thread. Sbm-ers should not only identify practical solutions, — one way or the other, if not by themselves, then with the aid of qualified professionals — they should FIGHT for them like hell with tool and nail like my life depends on it.

In a weird way, SBM needs a new publicity agent more than it needs an interpreter. I have a chronic disabling disease, not cancer like her thankfully, but I did woo for the first six years until finally realizing it wasn't working and just making me broke. What is interesting is that so far no one has addressed those comments despite there being a of anti-herbalists hanging around judging from this thread and thre.

When real medicine is portrayed as not just awful, poisonous nastiness, but also ineffective, it's little wonder that some people would give up on it completely, rather than pursue it alongside whatever potions they decide to try.

To the extent they do have background, interest, and the ability to 'get it' the institutional issues seem so imposing and intractable that taking a whack at them seems like a poor use of their limited time.

But if I was you I'd never get on an A or a again. Given that cannabis trolling isn't exactly novel around here, much less "herbalism," I think you need something to really distinguish yourself.

Cannabis Oil is the greatest healer and combined with flaxseed oil is bringing rapid healing.

Here is a report of the beginning of trials in Israel on CBD and cancer. The video which starts with Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discusses the legalities in America vs Israel, then goes on to medical effects.

Arrogance doesn't apparently turn off the fans of professional sports when was the last time you heard someone say "that wrestler is so arrogant!

The PIA would make no medical decisions, but be qualified to extract the necessary information from patients to pass along to doctors, and present the doctors' findings and recommendations back to the patient. As Grace says in her post, Ainscough, her mentor, Ian Gawler and their clones, are much more dangerous than Armstrong.

Simply repeating the woo-based assertion that people are dissatisfied with their health care and "arrogant" doctors, ignores reality.

In the UK, there is the "cancer act" to protect patients from the claims of CAM in treating cancer, sadly this is seldom enforced. Our current theories of medicine do not for such possibilities in the de of trials although giving patients multiple drugs is quite common.

And then demand strict adherence to the magic spells you're selling, emphasizing that even the slightest deviation e. That is the worst thing.

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I could toss out some rough underbaked ideas about how to clean and reorganize the house — it's not that hard to come up with a few starters for discussion at least — but the point is the sbm advocates aren't doing anywhere near enough toward that or making anywhere near enough noise about it.

I am the woman who assisted Ian Gawler to survive throughout his darkest days - when Meares meditation failed, positive thinking was not enough and the Gerson diet stripped the muscle weight from his body - a body that highly likely was in the early days, ravaged by tuberculosis and not secondary bone cancer.

Oh, by the way, I meant you were unqualified in medical and oncology issues. Copy Link to Clipboard. Could you please explain? If they kept their experimentation to themselves at least their self harm would not involve others; however the hype that goes with the cure cancer naturally tribe attracts followers and disciples ing in the thousands.

People want to believe in magic. In total the Gerson therapy consumes large amounts of time, money and other resources and only dedicated individuals will be able to stick to the demands of the therapy.

BTW alcohol is the only widely used drug that impairs performance. She was dead three months later. The one who played the biggest role in this for me was Ian Gawler. And there are lots of me out there. I'm never watching the WWE again and switching to tiddly winks!

As Grace says in her post, Ainscough, her mentor, Ian Gawler and their clones, are much more dangerous Peddlers post gawler online Armstrong.

Pianos For Sale. Wouldn't insurance companies decline to insure him? You defend yourself in the same way as a woo devotee, never admitting or questioning, just defending yourself blindly.

Thanks for asking!

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Orac doesn't hand-approve comments, and will generally let almost everything through. Well, there have been no human trials on that point either way. Doctors don't want to change their well-entrenched habits in general, and especially don't want to accept responsibility for dealing with the psychological issues attendant to dealing with patients facing serious health issues.

But, how does all this relate to Jess Ainscough and her current plight? And of course MSimon never bothered to use the search engine atop the for Orac's existing opinions on:. Pip Cornall - I am honestly confused by your statement that "Many are dissatisfied with conventional cancer medicine thanks to, arrogant doctors and oncologists,".

BTW the company was and is top rated in their field. Or course I'm just a layman only modestly educated in the field. No - I am not saying it is perfect and always works. Precisley, Chris. Seems pretty clever PDFalthough limited in terms of prophylactic use.

They have all been influenced in a similar way to Jess Ainscough - in fact I conduct an alt-med rescue service to such patients to help shepherd them back to mainstream medicine. Many are dissatisfied with conventional cancer medicine thanks to, arrogant doctors and oncologists, fear of chemo and belief in the conspiracy theories about big bad pharma.

How do I know all of this.

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Although I rarely endorse the use of mastectomy, if there is one thing more barbaric than radical surgery, it's the disease itself being allowed to run riot. Some studies have shown that high tech companies that drug test don't perform as well as those that don't.

As sincere as Orac, the Minions and other sbm advocates may be, the whole anti-quack project could be viewed as a subconscious attempt to deflect attention away from serious problems in the sbm treatment deliver system.

Where did you get those figures from? Free Horse Racing Picks.

I don't Peddlers post gawler online there is any need to ban it.

In this sense, Grace has come up against powerful forces similar to Betsy Andreu, the woman who finally exposed the cheating of Lance Armstrong.

I've tired of the "sport". The nearest cat is giving me a belly-up on the sense that this is a random instance of FBW blobovianism.

You're looking to the institutions of modern Western medicine to deliver the health care goods. A frightened patient who has heard horror stories about chemo some of which are even outdated and other treatments but never known anyone to go through them can be convinced that they have an equal or better chance with the alternative.

Is Peddlers post gawler online all it takes?

Sadly, with alternative medicine, there are only gushing anecdotes and complex explanations that are usually neither accurate nor plausible and empty promises. She's now about to find out who her real friends are, and get a lot worse abuse for speaking out about how she's now doing SBM.

It's like a damn religion. Piano accessories and music gift items, digital piano dolly, music theme party goods, and more! By the way, that is a firing offense in many industrial companies. The unconscious motives would include: 1. Misreported reports in Medical Journals have added credibility, kudos and mystique to the notion of curing cancer with meditation, positive thinking, juices and vegan diets.

For firms with bothpre-employment and random testing, productivity was 29 percent lower. Tuberculosis was eventually diagnosed and treated medically with drugs in Only then was it revealed that it had been evident on X-rays for at least two and a half years before his "remission" was declared.

Part of it is the honesty required for doctors or anyone else behaving ethically - there are no guarantees. The ironic thing is that most of those who claim that CAM cured their cancer were either, very probably, successfully treated conventionally, or didn't have cancer in the first place no biopsy.

Ian Gawler was diagnosed with bone cancer and had his right leg was amputated in However, the disease recurred later that year and began ravaging his body.

Share Post on Facebook. I remember the repugnance of the on talk radio for what was basically on-demand, walk-in urine test clinics which essentially came off as sounding like " Now you can be pissing in the cup and start your new job pissing on the burgers all in the same day!

Anybody want to try and get that ball rolling or one like it? Orac is letting you talk in his space; that doesn't mean he's promising you an audience.

He is also a fan of nutritional medicine. In turn this paper was based on an original abstract by Ainslie Meares in a edition of the MJA.

Ian Gawler has since admitted to errors in this of his story and importantly to his timeline history being reversed in the abstract- a very important fact. Having an interest in keeping a rein on quackery as a side interest doesn't detract from doing your job properly and keeping people safe from dangerous quacks is arguably part of that job.

There is an aphorism, attributed to the late Carl Sagan, that "exceptional claims require exceptional evidence".

We dumped the latter and found better physicians instead of turning to quackery. Share Post on Twitter. Mother around the world They may be telling their oncologists to stuff it, but they aren't finding a way to healing, sadly.

Mother around the world or telling imaging centers with boob smashing mammograms that also squash cancer and spread it, and including biopsies are telling their oncologist to stuff it and finding their way to successful gentle healing from breast cancer, naturally assisting the body to heal itself.

Donald Abrams discusses his work and the difficulty in America in getting cannabis for research from the government.

A naturopath who followed up on Gerson's "successes" discovered that they had all died of their cancer. You will find that few meet the criteria. What is "good backing? An alternative practitioner confidently announces they have a cure, not a treatment, and will cure anyone who follows it.

It is amazing that such "smart" people as those responding to my comments get their information from Cheech and Chong movies. I'll take what I can get, and I want to be here for my wife and son just as long as I can.

Endocannabinoid production peaks in the 15 to 25 age range. Although our charity refers to and works with some of the best oncologists in Australia, USA, UK, Europe and Asia, many of these new patients are poor listeners, even when there are viable conventional treatments for their condition.

Note the link to something called "Portlandsterdam University", which brings new meaning to the term "liberal arts education". Aren't none of you drinking that stuff I hope.