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Adult nursing olinda A career pathway sequence may begin with an introductory or concentrator course, but must end with a capstone course; however, the sequence duration must consist of no less than hours via one or more courses. The students who participated in this study perceived their knowledge, likelihood to get the vaccination and likelihood to recommend the vaccination to patients and the public had improved after playing the game. Teaching good infection control practices with fun: impact of the serious game Flu. Students did not provide any personal or demographic information in their responses but could report their university address to be contacted about a further 2-item questionnaire, about their uptake of influenza vaccination, in April We have included information about COVID and the potential of translating this approach within the discussion section as suggested: While this study focused on influenza, the findings are also of interest in the context of the COVID pandemic.

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All Courses. In this document, the WHO have outlined a of recommended actions which relate to supporting influenza prevention, control and preparedness internationally. The Flu Bee Game takes approximately 90 seconds to play and players can have multiple attempts, as questions are randomly generated.

The objectives of this study were as follows:. Students did not provide any personal or demographic information in their responses but could report their university address to be contacted about a further 2-item questionnaire, about their uptake of influenza vaccination, in April A second 2-item questionnaire was ed to all nursing students who had played the game, completed the first questionnaire and provided their address.

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While other validated measures were available, the authors developed their own questionnaires to answer the research question. The most common reason selected by nursing students was related to a lack of time The remaining reasons were confusion about where to receive vaccination This sample was selected to determine the extent to which the game improved knowledge about influenza in a homogenous group.

Nurse Directory. An organization which is specifically for students enrolled in CTE programs.

Descriptive statistics were used to illustrate the findings from the 8-item questionnaire and the 2-item questionnaire to measure nursing student perceptions about their attitudes and understanding of influenza and subsequent vaccination uptake. Overall, nursing students All nursing students that completed both the pre and post knowledge questionnaires were automatically entered into a prize raffle and three winners received a complimentary stay at a hotel in Belfast.

From these nursing students The questionnaire comprised of 27 true or false questions and 13 multiple choice questions, each with four available answers.

GMitchell Participants did not provide verbal or written consent but were informed that they were under no obligation to complete any of the questionnaires.

Regional Courses. Regional Course Offerings. Face validity was tested with 12 nursing students, who were not part of the cohort, prior to administration.

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Participants scored 1 point for every question correctly answered. The annual vaccination is recommended by global healthcare institutions due to its role in reducing influenza and transmission between patients 8 — 11. The of students who stated they definitely would receive the influenza vaccination doubled from Finally, as it pertains to student perception about the importance of promoting the influenza vaccination to their patients and public, Descriptive statistics from this 8-item questionnaire can be viewed in Table 1.

Students did not have to written consent forms but were informed that they were under no obligation to complete any of the questionnaires. There have been a of research studies which have examined healthcare professional views on influenza vaccination and two important themes have emerged as to why healthcare professionals do not receive the influenza vaccination 17.

Questionnaires were completed by students in their own time and not during any timetabled classes. The game has been associated with improving vaccination uptake in multiple settings but has yet to be tested amongst nursing students 50. All Industry Sectors.

The serious game presents players with influenza facts and challenges common myths associated with vaccine hesitancy.

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The year one students in this sample had received twelve weeks of standard nurse education at the university and undertaken two clinical placements, each lasting 6 weeks, as part of their nursing programme prior to completing a pre-knowledge questionnaire about influenza in August A follow-up post-knowledge questionnaire about influenza was administered to this cohort in April In total students The game has been used to promote knowledge about influenza and encourage vaccination uptake amongst healthcare professionals at multiple international settings 4950.

The first reason relates to healthcare professional misconception about the influenza vaccination, its effectiveness and safety 17 — 26.

Pathway Sequences by School. Despite this, they are a marginalised group and are often absent in practice guidelines about influenza and empirical research investigation on the topic 31. Student participants were required to use their own laptop, computer tablet or mobile phone to complete the questionnaires.

The game works on any device through a web browser and only takes a few minutes to play. Comments The World Health Organisation WHO have prioritised influenza as a key area for future development, in their recently published global strategy 1 .

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Participants gave their consent to complete the questionnaire when they actively accessed the survey web links.

The second reason is around healthcare professional ability to access the free vaccination 17 — 21.

The vaccination also reduces the occurrence of healthcare professional absenteeism, subsequent staff shortages and reduced quality of care 12 — 14.

Of the respondents who completed the 8-item questionnaire Of these participants, Immediately after completing the game, nursing student perception of their knowledge increased with In relation to their willingness to receive the influenza vaccination, After playing the game, this decreased to 7.

Players receive feedback and further information on each question they answer in the game.

Students were provided with a web-link to the game and informed that they could access the game any time throughout September to Adult nursing olinda

CTSOs must extend teaching and learning through innovative programs, business and community partnerships and leadership experiences at the school, state and national levels. This was achieved using Likert scale items with participants asked to select an option for each question; ranging from very poor, poor, average, good to very good.

It was assumed that students gave their consent to complete a questionnaire when they actively accessed the survey web links. All Schools.

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In response to this, there have been a range of interventions utilised to increase vaccination uptake amongst healthcare professionals including the use of educational strategies, organisational flu campaigns, incentivisation and adoption of vaccination champions 22 — 30. In the UK, current National Health Service NHS advice about who should receive the influenza vaccination, does not explicitly mention nursing students 32.

The overall objective of this serious game is to create awareness about influenza, dispel myths associated with the influenza vaccine and increase uptake the vaccination.

This cohort of year one nursing students received both questionnaires via by a person unrelated to the study. Industry Sectors and Pathways. In total nursing students, from year 1, 2 and 3 From this sample of nursing students, Year one students were selected on the basis that they were likely to have less knowledge about influenza compared to their peers in year two and year three.

Mutually agreed upon instructional programs that allow students to gain community college and high school credits while still in high school.

Because companionship is an integral part of ensuring that Fifty Plus adults lead a happy, fulfilling life, Community Education provides established ways to developing close personal Adult nursing olinda and relationships.

Overall, nursing students scored an average of The most ificant increases in knowledge that were noted post-game related to the amount of time it took to become fully protected from the influenza after the vaccination 10—14 days ; the coverage of the influenza vaccination in relation to Australian Flu and Swine Flu; that most people who have influenza do not have symptoms, and that vaccination is recommended for pregnant women.

In addition to these questionnaires, the authors worked with Focus-Games Ltd to de a item knowledge questionnaire about the myths associated with influenza and influenza vaccination. Nurses Directory Comments Immunizations Is your student missing immunizations they need for school? As a consequence, knowledge and subsequent uptake of influenza vaccination is potentially low amongst nursing students.

Digital Photography. These reminders were also sent by a person unrelated to the project.

There has been a plethora of research studies which have demonstrated that provision of education, Adult nursing olinda address professional misconceptions about the influenza vaccination, have been associated with improvement in knowledge and subsequent uptake 26 — 30 .

The 8-item questionnaire measuring influenza attitudes and perceptions, was completed by nursing students. A key influenza prevention strategy is promoting the annual uptake of the influenza vaccination amongst at-risk populations and healthcare professionals 56. Nursing students are one group that are at a high risk of exposure to seasonal influenza.

Encouraging influenza vaccination uptake amongst healthcare professional groups has been a key prevention strategy for many years 5 — 7.

The increase in knowledge across these questions ranged from Most ROP students who complete a career pathway sequence of courses including meeting all requirements of the capstone course will receive an ROP certificate.

In total nursing students Subsequently nursing students went on to complete this second questionnaire.

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The first questionnaire item determined if the respondent had received the influenza vaccination during the period of 1 st September to 31 st March Overall, Of the students who did not receive a vaccination they were asked to complete the second item of the questionnaire to provide a reason for their decision.

To our knowledge, there are no national or international recommendations for nursing students about the influenza vaccination. Students were provided with a web-link to the game and informed that they could access the game any time throughout September to March All students from years 1 to 3 could also opt to complete a voluntary 8-item questionnaire immediately after playing the game.

CTSOs engage students develop and practice leadership roles by applying specific occupational and academic content and skills knowledge. This study took place at one university in Northern Ireland.

In total nursing students, from year 1, 2 and Adult nursing olinda

This questionnaire, deed by the authors, sought to examine nursing student perception of their knowledge about influenza, likelihood of getting vaccinated and importance of promoting the vaccine amongst their patients after playing the game. While research is limited, it is postulated that the rationale for low influenza vaccine uptake amongst healthcare professional students is due to limitations in knowledge, professional misconceptions and ease of access 31 — 37 .

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Courses by School. Players answer random questions, from an existing question bank, about influenza and vaccination.

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The rationale for this was due to a combination of factors including the nature of the intervention a digital gameits duration each play taking approximately two minutesthe sample nursing students and the information the authors wanted to glean.