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Looking for hungary age dude inexperienced ok My manager brought in his buddy and gave him a raise less than six months in. Facilitate communication. The boss hired his son in law 2 years ago. Traditionally, there was a cultural expectation that a female would not engage in premarital sex and would come to her wedding a virgin and that she would "give up" her virginity to her new husband in the act of consummation of the marriage. The best part is you are able to work overseas with no experience and get paid.

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It happens everywhere. I am a manager at a location in the restaurant department. I have ly in several occasions asked to work an earlier shift when others are off and I repeatedly get denied.

First there is nothing illegal being done. So ask for a reason. I cashed out my K. My mother is not in good health. Should I confront my boss or let it go and try to deal with this lady on my own?

Three years ago, this lady was moved to the high school. Now fine print, we have been seperated and or amidst our divorce, a non aggressive divorce, I have stayed living in our home together for our son in the mean time.

For instance, DYK, they could be sued by another employee if they give your wife that promotion? What is wrong with Corporate America; they are so Political. Brunette Deepthroat Rough Teen Ugly. Nahwera Eveline. I realize the disabled worker has some job protection for her disability and I totally understand, but we are very strictly told we cannot flex our schedule, cannot take short notice same day time off unless for a medical reason, etc.

My husband has been with this company for 20 yrs. I have seniority. Teaching English In Asia 5. Its unfair! I had done nothing to get fired for! Please respond. To make things even more maddening is that this is not the first time this has happened.

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You can perhaps improve your situation for asking your boss if there are ways you can help her or if there are tasks or projects you can do that will help the department. This woman had none, even though the job description said experience was required.

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The HR Director even hired her husband at another director level…so I dont think HR is going to change there ways…I do get paid well and like other aspects of my job.

Now this new employee gets leave, etc. I am beyond what anybody could achieve. I have sold everything I own. And there is little else in my area.

By benefited I mean a person, if at least 40 hours per pay, gets leave, qualifies for health beneits, life insurance, and is eligible for IRA some money is deposted for free into your IRA.

In July I worked 8 hours per week, on Thursdays. My husband has went to the company boss and told him about this and all he said was that he does not see any of this going on. Do it! I asked if I could work — both weeks of pay period — two 8 hour days, and one 4 hour day. I have been working at a small country school as a lunch lady.

Two of the employees have children of there own, and come to work every day.

I have been disadvantaged. My advice would be to ask yourself, is it worth staying there, or pursuing action or can you manage it?

We still have not ruled out transferring to another location within the company, we are not opposed if the right opportunity comes up moving out of state.

I was with the company before it tripled its employees and associates. Do I have a leg to stand on in saying there could be legal matters presented in this situation?

The woman who works Fridays was not interested in getting more hours. He wrote letter after letter. Im trying hard as hell to stop these annoying and anger filled antics i litterally yelled and vented so harshly because of this, but they claim they cant do anything because of favoritism and nepotism in which i believe they do not know this to balance out the hours.

I might add, this is a boat, snowmobile, and jet ski store. If you an he are not willing to change companies there is not much he can do. Of course there are supposed to be rules and policies in place to promote and uphold fairness. What action can be taken as you also have to consider those individuals who applied for the job and were overlooked for the position?

Where I work, I have one other co-worker in the sales department. Talked to all the big bosses, to no avail. He has been there longer than any of the other technicians. I am terrified! Her new friend is now being trained to take over her job.

Looking for hungary age dude inexperienced ok says:.

Another person worked 8 hours per week on Fridays. But is virtually immune because of favoritism, and nepotism, and the fact she is of mexican decent i believe.

Amateur Hairy Mature Mom Ugly. I also had worked for this company and the same CEO for 6 years before this office manager started and there had never been any complaints against me. I was not told about it. However, two people almost 5 years later are still working in their homes.

We were told several years ago our job duties had changed and we could no longer work from home so now we have to travel daily to work.

We have to be careful with this one because working from home is a huge benefit that is on the rise. It has stressed my husband out so bad over the years, and he does not handle stress well anyways, and he has gotten that everyone is out to screw me over attitude from years of it happening.

My co-worker who started the same time as me and same title is a slacker, comes in late, takes 2 hour lunches, is a chatterbox and gets a promotion. Either way, it is something that is happening more and more and will continue to happen.

I know that a boss can choose a person over me for promotion. He has stuck it out all of these years for the pension, K and excellent health insurance and he makes quite a bit of money, if not for those benefits he would have done left along time ago.

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Greg Adkins. Do employees have to tell there boss what they want to do? And the root of favortism is keep stay there and wait till time to spread. I am all about equality and fairness. My question is how do you feel about the Division Leader being allowed to Work from Home once or twice a week because of school issues, and being able to pick up the children.

I am the hardest worker there is they EVER actually had, but yet they let the half assed lazy do nothing woman get all the hours and money because she knows the family of one of the head honchos of the franchise.

Unfortunately unless your husband can show that he is being passed over because of his race or age, or some other protected category, there is not much he can do.

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Bizarre Compilation Extreme Ugly. I refuse to quit and give them the satisfaction of getting rid of me. I was shocked! The other one we were told would be coming back in to work; that was four years ago! I have awesome letters of reference from every employer I have ever worked for, including my direct supervisor from my last job.

Sometimes the only recourse is to think about yourself and your family.

The same pattern of late marriage and reciprocal valuing of Looking for hungary age dude inexperienced ok was reflected in Singapore and Sri Lanka.

When they do have a job opening they will wait until my husband is on vacation to post it, if they even post it at all.

Working On Superyachts 2. He is the only one with a college degree, the only one d to repair everything, and the only one that passes all the classes for training they offer. She does the least she can get away with. If anything happens to her, I will be homeless. Related Posts.

Everyone on the list on average gets hours.

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The fact that she has taking a liking to your co-worker? If u smart enough to get favortism to discrimination, here is your chance to fight. Some company try to handle it by changing manager for some period of time, but supervisor is most likely stay there forever.

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Question: I work for a company, and we have a group of employees on the clients site daily. I have lost everything. No thing you can do, and there is no clear policy in any company that i work before about favortism at work.

I moved my way to the high school kitchen and worked my way up to be the main cook. Some employees like the flexibility of working from home, others find less distractions by working at the office.

November 12, Looking for hungary age dude inexperienced ok am.

Be the example. They have become the best of friends. Keep trying and applying. I used to respect my boss. Jenni Flett. Big cock Homemade Tits Ugly. Under the Line Manager is the Division Leader.

She is getting ready to retire in a year or two. I had NO knowledge that this 4 hour shift was available. She systematically lied about me to upper management, bullied me and then made it look like everything was my fault!

We know the problems first he does not kiss their butts, all the rest of the guys do, and second since he is the best and can fix everything they dont want to take him off the road.

He has only got a couple more years to suck it up until he retires from there. Saw that the new hire was working the morning shift for ginny I thought well I guess ginny is not ready to come back to her 8 hour day yet, so the new woman is temporarily working the morning friday shift.

Is it fair that you make a comment that your boss hires friends and family gives them hours and not to you …what can you do? This Division Leader has three employees who work under them, and are in the office daily. She is a lower director for our corporate department.

I went on interview after interview that all went well, but never a call back. Ganapathi P.

Do it. In the meantime, an outside person was hired for Monday and Tuesday not benefited. Or, the work from home benefit could be allowed due to some family medical situation also known as a reasonable accommodation under the law. You can ask for a reason why you were overlooked and push the ticket for a sound reason however HR may have already proactively prepared excuses for the promotion.

My husband is the only one that can fix everything the company has, and the other technicians call him to get his help. It was finally my turn when one of the oldest ladies retired. Personally, I worked for a company ran by a couple, they got a divorce and the entire company fell apart.

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Its so sickening to work hard in the same field for many, many years then now have to be in such a toxic environment.

So I increased to two days a week, 8 hours each day.

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My employer is constantly showing favoritism toward employees who are disabled. I can not tell you what to do because I am sure there are other variables at play and sometimes launching formal complaints can have a reverse affect.

Then I find out the boss let ginny permanently workand that the new woman is permanently working the morning shiftwhich gives her 8 extra hours per pay period, which gave her the part time benefitted job. I am second in line to the boss. One Line Manager at that site. No one likes to call HR out more than me but in this instance they are doing the right thing for a company POV.

There are so many sides to this situation and so many ways this could go wrong. There is no way I could do the job I do and have low self esteem. You can follow the link in my article for more information or you can read this article.

I would have to work 40 hours per pay to do this. All of a sudden I learn that ginny is working half day — Fridays noon to 4.

In the meantime, I was not given the same fair opportunity as applicants for other leadership roles like the one I applied for.

Its is so upsetting me how this works out. There is one person who was originally not born in the USA, and she got hired by one of the head honchos of the company in the district i am in, because she knows his family.

Its unfair and unbalanced and i strongly believe this is favortism and nepotism by the head honcho in the district of the franchise. If no one is allowed to speak about things not pertaining to work, no one should.

During this time, I have not received even one lead that comes in through the website, or internet, while at the same time this other employee has received several.

Well, the woman who works on Fridays ginny broke her hip; was out several months and I help fill in on Fridays. They have guys that have been with the company for just a few years that have no idea what they are doing and have already moved ahead of him.

Jonathan Tarabey. I remember when hard work was all you needed to get ahead but that was along time ago, it does not apply anymore. Teaching English Online 3. Shouldnt there be some sort of written protocol for this situation?

Looking for hungary age dude inexperienced ok communication.

She is up for the head of director for her department but one of her supervisors came to her and let her know that our hr director may put a stop to her promotion because we still live together. I hope this post helped to give you some ideas on what you can do :.

French Granny Ugly. No chance they will leave as they have it made! Where I work they hired the Presidents Daughter to work with me and perform a few other duties. Birhanu Bogale. His supervisor hates him and the main reason is my husband does not kiss his butt, the ones that do have all moved on pass my husband.

This has to be favoritism and nepotism. She hogs all the hours that i cant have, etc. You could file a complaint but I doubt anything changes except they would then know you filed a complaint.

They will also give him the crap jobs that nobody else wants to do, because the butt kissers stand around the dispatcher and kiss butt while my husband is on the rode repairing, so when a crap job comes in they always say well give it to Dave.

Would like to start a new life with my girlfriend and be able to learn something new everyday. Unfortunately, before I realized what was going on, I had applied at all the major employers in my area. Black Mature Ugly. The owners daughter and son in law work with us and it is horrible.

I either stay and accept or move. I am having a problem at my workplace as well. For as long as we have been with the company we have been married. Grandpa Teen Ugly. Volunteering 9. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

By the way, I have been in this job 4. It is completly unfair. Pin 1K. I have been working in the same field for over 7 years and with my current company for over 4.

I have no skill or experience but I learn very fast. I have always got good reviews. I had some one hired on as my assistant and then not even a month later was promoted to head up another department.

I have always got along with everyone. And all employers are basing their decisions on what this one person says about me?!

I have recently been passed for a promotion by a man who is older than I…. On a topic related, my manager has constantly recruited people who she used to work with and are now her friends.

I know you are not owners but this a complicated situation and they have to consider a lot of other people and what presidence does it set going forward.

Is this legal? Our boss always looks the other way while the rest of us work our butts off. Teaching online or abroad is a great way to live and work in a foreign country. Thanks for the comment. When the woman julie retired in JulyI inquired as to being part time benefited.

Why all of a sudden is it a problem…… not to mention, the issue seems to be that we are getting a divorce but still live together. You never really know.

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Sourav Paul. Homemade Ugly Whore. Worldpackers 8. But no benefits with this, just extra pay. Well the HR Director of my years is her good friend and neighbor that has been with the company many years.

Lunchlady, I am sorry to hear about your situation. Or can a boss just do what they want in this situation. Anal Fisting Mature Pussy Ugly. Go for it… It is never too late for change. Amien Jafffa. Aupair 7. Over what? Like I am going to come in and work and accrue no leave doing it so that the new person can be off on paid leave and i would work for her with NO leave accrual?

HR is in our corporate office in another state. Just curious. Peter Pan Traveler. My direct supervisor that I had worked with for 10 years defended me to the last. Today I find out they called one of the at home girls who is not as qualified as I am and asked her to work an earlier shift.

Confront the boss? What about because someone had to callout of work for a legitimate reason. Mature Milf Ugly. I have 40 years in floral de and would love a change in another country. I was raised that you get what you urn and deserve.

Unless you have recordings of the co-worker being underhanded and badmouthing the boss you have no evidence and it becomes your word against hers and she is already in the favorable spot.

We worked together in the elementary kitchen and she would criticize our boss everyday. I am upset and resentful.

This is an I. The Co. Now I am stuck working with her, and I cant even stand to look at her for what she represents and how she got the job. If they did the right things, they would make more money. Is there anyway you can get into the web portal before your younger counterpart?

So this really caught me off guard. Fat Granny Ugly. Now she is over me and makes more than me, even though I have to train and teach her.

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Hang in there everyone, surely fate will step in somehow and get rid of these salary sucking worthless duo! There is a big world out there just waiting to be discovered. He can certainly express his desire for another opening but if he is so valuable in his current job there is not much motivation for them to be interested in doing that.

What is the way to approach HR about favoritism and nepotism? I have never been fired before. My wife and I work for the same company. Is this something the other three employees should say something about, or just let it go and continue to be thankful for a job?

Usually, this company does not like full time people. I gave up my apartment and moved in with my mother.

I have 17 years of experience. Where the problem comes in is, he is 32 yo, while I a 62 yo, and I should say this other sales person is a nephew to the general manager.

After I was fired, I decided it was probably for the best and immediately started looking for work. This sounds like a no win situation.

I would just continue to do good work, volunteer for extra learning opportunities and hope you shine that way. The only way i see to clear favortism is completely all the staff involve favortism, but it will never happen. Ski Resort Start a Blog Freelance Digital Employee.

I discussed this with my manager, who was the one doing the hiring. The at home girls are constantly give be preferential treatment when it comes to work duties and time off. One is disabled.

I work in a hospital. The problem is that they did not have an issue with this before as she has been acting in place of the director position for 5 months since the last director left as well as we have shown through 10 years that we are more than capable of working in a professional manner.

Working in Australia 4. Discrimination is clearly define in most case but favortism is not.

I work in health and social care and she recently employed someone with no experience but it was then pointed out to me by a colleague that they were friends on facebook!

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All of my reviews were stellar. Eventually, you will land your dream job. Amateur Homemade Nipples Skinny Ugly. This could have been negotiated during the hiring process or offered in order to retain this employee.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It will tell you everything you need to do to get a job on a super yacht. Not to toot my own horn but we have been some of the companies strongest assets.

I was not asked. I have a college degree!

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In Julyone concierge worked 24 hours a week 48 hours per pay and was benefited.

How do I apply for a job on a yacht? Her house is in reverse mortgage. I was not sure I would be comfortable working 3 full days first week, then two the second week 3 days in a ro bothered me. We all know they make exorbitant salaries, come and go as they please, cause havoc, lie about being home working when we know they are on vacation, etc.