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M2f magic transformation stories Spells "R" Us - the story of a small store down at the mall, where an old magician sells magical stuff for transformations. Unfortunately for her, her fun gets interrupted by a procession of rude individuals. Tags: gorilla 0 transgender 0 public transformation 0 male to female 0 zoo 0 cock shrink 0 muscle growth 0 unwilling 0 gorilla transformation 0 mtf 0 male to gorilla 0 hair growth 0. Only things take quite a strange turn when a couple of faeries decide that the two have more to offer the forest. Everything does go according to plan, mostly.

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Jake finally finished getting ready and sent a picture to his wife, now husband.

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Things get more interesting when they discover a mysterious box from their host.

You May Like Also. He's so comfortable in his position that he feels untouchable.

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You keep looking at the clock, which just wastes time that would be better spent searching for the solution ….

In this story from my Patreon, we see a judge who has been sending kids to juvenile prison in return for kickbacks to line his own pockets. One Deserving Donkey by kayemarquet. That is until he runs into the Hitwitch- a woman hired by the wronged to get justice that is otherwise unattainable.

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Published: Jun 3rd, Tags: humiliation 0 man to donkey 0 mtf 0 gender change 0 mating 0 donkey transformation 0 permanent 0 magical transformation 0 breeding 0 unwilling change 0 embarrassment 0 hitwitch 0 punishment 0 gender transformation 0.

Morgan's Night Out by foxface. Weremare - Cutting it close by pieboy7.

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Something To Enjoy by kayemarquet. Clear Filters Set Filters. Last Seen. Next Next post: Sweet Dilemma Stories.

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With magic on hand along with a righteous attitude, the hitwitch is here to mete out some punishment.

Jake finally finished getting ready and sent a picture to his wife, M2f magic transformation stories husband.

Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Rated X. Published: Jun 12th, Tags: mare 0 transgender 0 fullmoon 0 barn 0 horse 0 maletofemale 0 feral 0 male to female 0 mtf 0.

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This commission follows two couples who rent a secluded cabin with the idea of getting away from their jobs and hectic lives, even for a few days.

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My so-called best friend Tod used a magic spell to alter reality and change me into a girl. Address never made public.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. What they find inside le to lots of transformation experimentation, eggs laid, milk lost, and more.

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Rated R. Published: Jun 1st, Tags: mtf 1 mouse 1 cow 1 chicken 1 transgender 1 horse 0 multiple characters 0 gender transformation 0 anthro ostrich 0 egg laying 0 anthro mouse 0 ftm 0 gender change 0 anthro cow 0 milking 0 willing change 0 oviposition 0 anthro dog 0 unexpected changes 0 sex 0 anthro chicken 0 anthro 0 magical transformation 0 anthro horse 0.

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