African grey breeders norfolk

This adorable little bird are one of the sweetest birds you'll ever meet. Sort Birds by Here for sale is my African grey parrot super tame loves to be tickled cuddled handled. Create new. Her names polly He's about 11 months She's likes fruit and vegetables She loves attention and people she's will play with u for hours if u let Her She knows how to speak she's knows lots of Words and mimics what you say.

  • Nationality:
  • Senegalese
  • Eye tint:
  • Huge gray-green eyes
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Libra
  • I like:
  • Drawing
  • Tattoo:
  • I don't have tattoos
  • Smoker:
  • Yes

Pets Birds Canaries Dudley. Dingo Bell African Grey.

African grey breeders norfolk grey parrots.

Mexican Red Headed Amazon Parrot. African Grey Parrot Supertame inc Cage toys.

From Price To Price. Pets Birds Parrots Stroud.

Rehoming Beautiful Amazon. African greys - both the Congo and Timneh -- are intelligent, fun-loving animals that crave their owner's attention.

Species Mexican Red Amazon Parrot. They are good talkative and also dose lovely tunes whistles etc.

Find a in. Pets Birds Parrots Bradford. Age Young.

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This advert is located in and around Longstanton, Cambs. Species Dove. Species Parrot. African Grey With dna papers. All Free Featured.

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Rose Breasted Cockatoo Babies Available. Sal Talking African Grey Birds.

African Grey Parrot super tame talking inc cage n toys. Gender Female. Select a location option. All Business Charity Private. View Details.

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Health macaw parrots available in xzbluebabies parrots. Talking Congo African Grey Parrots. Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx. All. Meadow Senegal Parrot.

He is one of the best talking African greys you will have he never stops talks for England none stop all day he swears a lot too so take that into consideration as I want a permanent Talking African gray parrot for sale.

African Best Grey. Due to no fault of her own i am now having to sell my African grey.

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Amazing African Grey parrot for sale. They will come with their large cage, toys, and food, please good homes only.

Here for sale is my African grey parrot super tame loves to be tickled cuddled handled. Well trained African grey parrot for sale for more info contact me at xxxxxxxxxx.

African grey breeders norfolk is very friendly and when you give food with your hands she eats from it and let's you

We have This advert is located in and around Norwich, Norfolk. We have got a lovely pair off African grey parrots for sale for more info contact xxxxxxxxxx.

They have never plucked their feather. Indian ringneck and conures parrots. Timneh African Greys have an average lifespan of 40 to 50 years and also possess a highly intelligent and fun-loving personality, same as that of the Congo African Grey.

Ivy Senegal Parrot.

Nanday conure parrot parrots. Manick is now ready for sale with all her pappers or fmore info call or text xxxxxxxxxx.

African Grey Parrot Birds. Amazon blue front parrot for sale parrots. Super tame 5cuddly called Alfy loves being petted loves kisses and being handled Here for sale with heavy heart is my bubbles Brilliant talker says lo of words his favourite one is giss a kiss then blows one laughs coughs burps which is hilarious he comes up with stuff Pets Birds Parrots Gateshead.

Search by Keyword. Diamond Dove. Love pair of African gray parrot for sale.